Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mom dad and Hawaii

A half a week ago my mom and dad went to Hawaii and of course left the kids. But we had lots of fun! The first day Shelly and Spencer baby-sat for us. Then my Nana and Papa came over later that day to babysit for us.On Thursday I had Gymnastics thanks to Cassie and her mom for driving me. On Friday it was weekend time i went with Cassie on the golf cart. then stayed up late watched a movie and then was out. Saturday went on a hike saw a spider watched Conference then played at Addy's then had lunch then went to a movie and when i got home it was bath time. That weekend we carved pumpkins. I had lots of fun digging out the seeds not!
then my other grandma came the next day we had fun for two or three days then my parents were back!

p.s my parents were gone for a week!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

class field trip

Two days ago we had a Community field trip. We went to Iron Mission, Library, Lin's, Police Dept, Mountain America, Auction and last but not least Veterinarian. We had lots of fun. Our class had the funnest time on the bus.
the bus driver was so funny.


A couple weeks ago I had to go meet with the Orthodontist. My dad wanted him to look at my teeth and help us set up a plan cause I'm going to need braces sometime. They took x-rays, pictures, and a mold. The molding stuff was gross! Then the dr. put some spacers in my back teeth so that it would make room for a 'W' appliance that is a palate expander so that it will help my mouth have more room. A week after I got the spacers I got the W. I was nervous but it wasn't too bad. Now I have to keep this in for awhile.